Optima Living TV Episode 2 Topic: Maximize Your Golden Years

Watch party livestream: November 4th, 1:30 PST/2:30 MTN

Artfull Enrichment’s Cailey Massey joins Ali to talk about maximizing your golden years. The conversation is approached through the perspective of art and painting.
A lady on a screen talking about maximizing your golden years

Introducing Optima Living TV!

Optima Living supports seniors to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. To that end, we are launching Optima Living TV: regular monthly episodes of easily digestible content full of useful and interesting information for seniors and the people who love them. 

New episode watch parties: first Friday of each month! Each episode will consist of an interesting class or lesson for seniors to take part in, a discussion relevant to seniors life full of useful information, and a health tip from the University of Alberta’s Division Director of Geriatric Medicine Dr. Adrian Wagg. 

Posted on our Optima Living TV YouTube channel, you can watch episodes as they premiere! Conversations about fitness in later life, lifting your spirit, maximizing your golden years, and much more are coming your way!