Invest in the Future of Senior Living

Optima Living focuses on providing quality and respectful services and care, enabling those we serve to live their best lives. Optima Living—founded in 2007—owns and operates innovative seniors’ living communities throughout Alberta and BC, taking an unprecedented approach to senior life. Their unique company culture is one where both residents and team members are family.

Optima Living’s North Star, Let us welcome you home, speaks to their underlying principles and the experience seniors discover in their communities. When residents are home, they feel safe, respected, and welcome. Home is where one’s voice is heard, their views matter, and they have freedom of choice. Optima Living’s mission, vision, and values—respect, dignity, teamwork, and doing the right thing—support and build upon their North Star.

Optima Living operates over 2,200 beds providing congregant living options for seniors. These options range from subsidized to luxury, Independent to Assisted Living, Long-term Care to Memory Care, and Residential Mental Health.

Our values of respect, dignity, teamwork, and doing the right thing have enabled our teams to create an environment in which we are proud to work. 


At Optima Living, we are passionate about providing quality care and mobilizing seniors to live active and healthy lifestyles in Alberta and BC by providing an increasing the number of homes available for seniors. We invest in core social infrastructure facilities that offer essential services. We are expanding, and looking for quality residences to add to our growing portfolio of high-quality seniors accommodation, to provide senior living services in western Canada’s continuing care sector.

A photo of Optima Living's Hamlet communities

Optima Living was founded in BC in 2007. We have 26 communities throughout Alberta and BC providing a full range of seniors housing and care options including: independent living, assisted living, supportive living, brain health, memory care, and long term care.

A drone view of Aster Gardens in Sherwood Park

Optima Living serves as an industry leader in managing the care and services of residences and serving as a knowledge specialist. We provide third party management services for senior living residences that offer independent, supportive, assisted living, and memory care. We provide asset value for senior living of any size by providing employee support, financial stability, and active senior living. We operate and think as owners and provide that value to our partners.

A young woman talking to a senior couple

At Optima Living, it is our mission to provide our residents with the best quality of life possible. That includes working with the best suppliers who provide the best products and services. We are industry leaders, and we want to work alongside those who conduct their businesses with the same level of excellence. As founding members of EPS, Optima Living procures most of its goods through them.

A group of seniors having coffee in a bistro

At Optima Living, our investors are key partners as we seek to increase our presence in Alberta and B.C. and continue to welcome our residents home. Investment in infrastructure projects that provides value to the community complements Optima’s focus on delivering quality care that translates into positive resident outcomes.

Employees watching a presentation

At Optima Living, we are always on a mission to improve, to learn more about what it means for seniors to be at home in our communities. We reach out to knowledge leaders and community partners who help us offer all ingredients for healthy, active, and fulfilling days. At Optima Living, we understand it is both an honour and responsibility to serve seniors and their families. Our chosen privilege is to offer not just care but also peace of mind—to “walk with” rather than merely “do for” the seniors who live with us. Whatever your journey, when you join an Optima living community, you’ve come home.  This is true to our residents and you, our team. Let us welcome you home.

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