Ruth and Kim's Story

An old photo of ruth and a new photo of ruth.
An old photo of Kim and a new photo of Kim

Ruth and Kim both loved modeling in their younger years. They were friends as far back as 1963, but lost contact when Ruth moved from Malaysia to Hong Kong to work as a Flight Hostess in 1963.

Ruth even modeled in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong before moving to British Columbia with her husband and two daughters in 1974. She then continued her modeling career, modeling at the mall in Cloverdale Surrey when she and her husband owned a fast food restaurant there, and also for a dress retail store in Steveston.

60 years later, upon her retirement and moving into Wisteria Place, who should she meet but…

Fast forward 60 years, Ruth and Kim, both in their twilight years, serendipitously found themselves residing at Wisteria Place, a charming Steveston retirement community with its own Asian-inspired decor and lifestyle.

Wisteria Place believes in living life in harmony. Ruth and Kim spend their days in harmony with one another, enjoying their rekindled friendship and reminiscing about their modeling days.

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